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   Celestial Messages

Message received during the Danube dynamization

March 14, 2024


I am your Earth, your Earth-Mother.

In gratitude for all that you offer your human brothers and sisters, your animal brothers and sisters, and I would even say your plant, mineral brothers and sisters. All creation is animated by a collaborative energy to assist the various transmutations that still need to occur within the hearts of humans, within the heart of humanity.

We are all interrelated in this desire to bring a new energy generalized to my entire surface, but also within matter, where there are different peoples, some in higher dimensions and others still unevolved.

There is no judgment or rejection on my part, there is just love for all, recognition for those who have already understood the value of Love, the value of brotherhood, the value of solidarity, respect for all creation. When you come together like today to energize the water, you are immediately joined by many embodied or non-embodied beings, all sorts of beings, some invisible, others visible, animal peoples but also entire forests that will be affected as well by the new frequency of the dynamized water.

It starts from the source and it is very fast. Energy has no delay in being disseminated throughout this watercourse, in the surrounding earth, in this water that will quench and nourish.

You have been told that millions of people are directly close to this river and millions of animals including wild ones, less wild ones, but also plants, all of which will also serve to nourish you.

Yes, this is important, yes, it allows the frequencies to be modified for beings who will be, in one way or another, in contact with this water. This allows for questioning, for pausing, for reflection; there is a whole process that operates through you, through your willingness to give some of your time, but above all, much of your love for all life on earth.

I am filled with gratitude. You are my children. I am the soul of the earth and it is only together that we can continue on this path of evolution.


I bless you.




Transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri



Messages - November 11, 2023


Water is life.

Water is within you.

The water element unites with you.

As we lay down our physical bodies, during the transition, the water, the liquid within us, gradually dries up. In our Light bodies, we no longer need to receive energies from the Earth that are transmitted to all the liquids composing a human body.

Interconnection, unity is what matters most. Without earth, there is no life, without water, there is no life. The elements possess a strength, an intelligence, and a power that it is time to acknowledge. Each element has its Deva; each element is alive and follows the movement of life that has been recorded since creation and has followed all cycles, according to the divine plan.

There are many memories, but there is also a purification force that needs to be activated by the actors of this great stage of life on Earth, the humans.

You observe that there is still much work to be done for the human being to understand interconnection, that they are part of creation, and that each element is essential for life to continue in another energy, a new harmony.

You are in service to Universal Love and it is love that connects each element, each kingdom, between Earth and the Universe.

So, we could say: without love, there is no life!

You are awakened beings and through your consciousness, you set the example, you ignite the desire, you give the impetus for this new world. By being in connection with water in this way, all this love information is broadcasted throughout the world and touches the bodies of people who directly or indirectly will be connected to this water.

It is a work that has always fascinated me because I felt its importance, even though, being incarnated, I was also somewhat limited in my vision.

So, I am always present with you and with many other luminous souls and Beings of Light, with many other universal sisters and brothers and intraterrestrial beings. We are united for this work and you can feel us, you may be able to see us, hear us.

Today, I am the spokesperson for the Earth, for the water, and for all these beings who are deeply grateful because we need you, because we love to work on Earth with you.

Also, know that when you give of your time, your energy in this way, you receive, you receive for yourself, in your physical bodies, in the Source that runs through you, the liquids that compose you, this love energy, and this information that can also bring you a great deal on your life path.

There is therefore an interconnection between Earth, the elements, the Universe, the Sky, but through you, through you.

You are blessed.

Simone, from the Beyond

Transmitted through the channel of Cathy


Through your presence and your action, you convey a message of Peace on Earth and on many other planets, of assistance between human and galactic brothers and sisters, of respect for all that is alive (vegetal, animal, mineral, human, galactic, intraterrestrial), of generosity for our brothers and sisters who have lost everything (like the meaning of Life), of love, of Joy, of celebration in the hearts of humans, and you also allow each one to find their childlike soul, their innocence, their candor, their freshness, their lightness, and their authenticity.

Thank you, soul sisters.

The Collective of Light

Transmitted through the channel of Sylvaine



Message - September 7, 2023


From my soul to yours, from my heart to yours, I transmit all my love and the joy that sparkles within me for being able to continue this life mission on earth.

From where I am, I perceive things with a completely different understanding, and I can affirm to you that all the work accomplished has allowed the dissolution of numerous ties with the dark planes. Everything that has been taught to us is also based on our ability to listen and understand when we are incarnated; but it is much greater than that.

We bring forth new frequencies by giving our love to the Earth and to the water.

We allow for the neutralization of memories present in the water and also in the earth, some of which are very ancient and also connected to the dark plane. Through our work, we have managed to prevent certain tragedies, because water, in its intelligence, receives and transmits. Simply put, sometimes you cannot be fully aware of the implication of all this work of love; in fact, you cannot completely understand it while on earth. This work is truly very important for the Earth, for the realms, for all Living Beings. All Life is directly linked to water, that water element which is indispensable.

Without water, there is no life.

The dynamizations can be carried out in various ways, always intending, through water, to transmit Love to the Living, to Life.

Be at least 7 people, in person or remotely.


1. Raise your frequencies by uniting with each other through breathing, which is the quickest, easiest method, with an open heart, without judgment.

Take 7 deep breaths where you inhale Light and exhale all your tensions.


2. Connect to the Earth's plane, to the soul of the Earth, to the celestial plane, to universal planes, simply through intention, by transmitting love and gratitude for all that is given to you. This interconnectedness also allows you to be consciously united with the elementals and with all the realms, with every particle of Life.


3. And then, simply let this multi-dimensional energy pass through you; it will flow through the common channel, for about 7 minutes.


In this common channel, there are the various nuances of the essence of your souls, creating this harmony, the complete range, the key of the Heart. The multidimensional energy passing through this channel with your energies then goes directly into matter, into water. At that moment, the water element and its Deva are totally receptive. A wonderful alchemy takes place within the source itself, and this new water frequency will radiate not only through the course of the water but also through significant depths and surfaces within the earth and on its surface. To demonstrate the power of the action of Love, you can analyze the water with dowsing before and after this intervention. If possible, drink this freshly energized water to recharge yourself, to physically unite with it.

Know that every time you engage in a mission for Life, the transmutation frequencies that pass through the channel also pass through you, benefiting you in your own bodily fluids and water. You give and you receive.

Revive this site ( and encourage others to join this movement of purification, of transmutation – “seen from above”, I would call it the plan of Universal Love where all plans of Love are united.

To assure that this Key of the Heart is complete, with its different vibratory nuances, it would be good if you gather at least 7 people, because each personal nuance will further enhance the overall picture.

Together, we will work, creating a huge wave of Love transmitted for and by water, to clear, cleanse, and raise the vibrations of the surface and the interior of the earth, up to the ionosphere, through this mobilization action that we are organizing together on December 21, 22, and 23, 2023.

I am so happy to be there with you. Here, we speak through vibrations; it is much broader to express what we feel. So, I send you these vibrations of joy and gratitude, receive them now in your heart. The entire Collective of Light joins me in this vibrational transmission.


Simone - September 7, 2023

From Beyond, transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri



Message - May 2023


Little sister,

It's time!

I had told you a few days before my passing that I would continue, that I would return, that we would continue to work together for Heaven, for Love, for this Earth so dear to my heart. It is in this immense wave of love that I will be able to continue with you. With a clearer vision of the implication of the work already accomplished, which is already immense, it's true; but it is very important, crucial, essential to continue, especially now that it will be much simpler for you to organize on Earth.

Yes, it's true that I was sometimes discouraged, but I still had great determination, as those who knew me very well are aware. I am truly in love, I am truly in my element in this energy of love that binds you, in my element on Earth with you, and in my element "water". With your agreement, I will intervene in your meetings, I will give you advice, because I have been able to analyze things differently, because from here, we can see very clearly the important strategic points to work on. It's much simpler than trying to contact different services, organizations, and ultimately no one knows anything. And there... we see everything. You will still need to do some research. But initially, I will be happy to guide you during a group video call where we will together outline the urgencies, because there is urgency.

Similarly, for the global mediation, I will also be present, of course.


I am in deep gratitude, and the word "thank you" is completely insufficient, but I still say it to you because you don't know any others, we don't know any others on Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am here, I am taking your hand, like a Guide. I love this notion of being able to guide you now, it's truly something incredible, and in this love, this simplicity, as those who knew me are aware –   simplicity, humility, and the great purity of heart. Thank you.



From Beyond, transmitted through the channel of Cathy/Hinri

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