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Dynamization of sources
The key of the heart

Ancre 1

To bring to life what was initially just a vibrant hope, we combined love, time, and trust. Thus, we managed to give birth to this dream born from the complicity between Heaven and Earth. So that water can continue its journey, purified, listen to the call and embark on this work of dynamization of the sources.


Our Story

It all began in February 2017. As part of an energy healing training, CIEL-LINA class (School of Light), the Beings of Light suggested to the students to set up the project they called the "The Key of the Heart - Source of Life".Top of Form

Bottom of Form



Here is the message from the Beings of Light channelled by Cathy Muller:


"Water is life.

Water enables you to live.

Do you feel the call?


Here's how to proceed

  • ·     Contact us to join a future dynamization event

  • ·     Alternatively, create your own group of 7 people (minimum) to energize a source of your choice

  • ·     Then follow the procedure, read the protocol

  • ·     Once the dynamization is done, send us the name of the watercourse, the date, the location, a photo of the source, as well as channelled messages or what you have shared.

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