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Dynamizations can be carried out in various ways, always with the intention of transmitting, through water, Love to the Living, to life.

Be at least 7 people, either in person or remotely.

1.    Elevate your frequencies by uniting with each other through breathing -which is the quickest, easiest method - with your heart wide open, without judgment.

Seven deep breaths where you inhale Light and exhale all your tensions.

2.    Connect to the Earth's plane, to the soul of the Earth, to the celestial plane, to universal planes, simply through intention, transmitting love and gratitude for all that is given to you. This interconnection also allows you to be consciously united with elementals and with all kingdoms, with all particles of the Living.

3.    And then, simply let this multidimensional energy pass through your common channel for about 7 minutes.

Within this common channel are the different nuances of the essence of your souls, creating harmony, the complete range, the key of the Heart.

The multidimensional energy passing through this channel with your energies then goes straight into matter, into water.

The element of water and its Deva are totally receptive at that moment. A wonderful alchemy then occurs within the source itself, and this new water frequency will radiate not only along the course of the water, but also into very important depths and surfaces within the earth and its surface.

To demonstrate the power of the action of Love, you can analyse the water before and after this intervention using dowsing.

If you can, drink this freshly revitalized water to recharge yourself, to physically unite with it.

Know that each time you find yourself on a mission for Life in this way, the frequencies of transmutation that pass through the channel also pass through you, benefiting you in your own water and bodily fluids. You give and you receive.



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